How Can Your Membership Site’s Error Page Tremendously Increase Your Revenues

I see a lot of membership sites owners that just don’t understand the enormous revenue potential of their site’s error pages.

After you put all your efforts into driving traffic to your site, you must monetize it and make sure it will generate you as much revenues as possible.

Think About Your Error Page as a Sales Letter

In membership sites, a member will be redirected to the error page in one of these scenarios:

1. When a non-member is trying to access members only content

2. When an existing member is trying to access content from levels he does not have permission to

The common thing in these two scenarios is the fact that your visitors are interested in your content, but they cannot get it…

This is the exact spot you want your members to be in, because this is your chance to blow them away with a creative sales letter.

You get the picture already?

Your error page is like a sales letter and even better, because you already know that your visitor is interested in your content, and you can show him a targeted error page that will increase your chances of converting him to a member.

How Can Wishlist Member “Sneak Peak” Content Display Send More Traffic to Your Error Page

Because we already agreed that an error page is like a sales letter, we know that we want to attract as many visitors to our sales letter to convert as many as we can to members.

Wishlist Member has a great feature that allows you to show your visitors a “sneak peak” of the protected content: the title of the post and an attractive paragraph, and add the “Read More” link right when they are about to reveal the most interesting part of the content.

When they click on the “Read More” link they will be redirected to your error page/ sales letter.

How Can Wishlist Error Page Booster Increase Your Revenues?

With Wishlist Error Page Booster you will be able to create dynamic and targeted error pages that will attract more visitors to register to your site by:

Redirecting them to an error page according to the requested content protection level

Displaying you visitors content or upgrade link according to the requested content protection level using special shortcodes.

You can get more info on Wishlist Error Page Booster here

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